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Parents Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents of 757 Select

A very important aspect of our program is team parent support & sideline behavior. We hope that you will always do your best to support our players, teams, & coaches in a positive manner. We ask that our team parents stay clear of teams during practices. This is an important time for the players & coaches to work together without interference from parents. Please feel free to observe, but refrain from “coaching” from your observation point. Our coaches all work hard to direct the boys. Your cooperation is very, very important here.

Support our players & teams in a positive manner at our games & tournaments. Encouragement goes a long way. Encourage your sons to do the same. Please do not criticize another team player or team coach, & never criticize an opponent or official. Positive feedback & comments from our supporters, directed towards the other teams & officials goes a long way.

Allow the team coaches to coach the team. Different coaching points & criticisms can be counter-productive to what our team coaches are trying to accomplish. All of our coaches are putting in a lot of time & effort to help make your son a better lacrosse player. Respect their time & efforts by supporting them, not by contradicting them.

Support your son & his team regardless of the results. We would love to see our teams win every time out, but there are many valuable lessons learned when the scoreboard does not end up in our favor. Our organization will always stress the importance of playing the game the right way & respecting the game through great sportsmanship & competition. I spend a significant amount of my career on a sideline, & hope that you’ll join me in promoting good sportsmanship from all of our 757 Select participants – players, coaches, families, & fans.

-JP Stewart

Co-Director, 757 Select Lacrosse

Head Coach, Virginia Wesleyan College Men's Lacrosse

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