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Neil Duffy

Coach Neil Duffy - Head Coach - 2024

Coach Duffy been teaching and coaching at Norfolk Academy for 18 years (after five years at nearby Nansemond-Suffolk Academy).

  • Co-captain of the 1984 U.S. Naval Academy’s lacrosse team 
    Received Navy's 1984 VADM E.C. Waller Lacrosse Award
  • Played in the 1984 North-South College All-Star game
  • Three-time TCIS Coach of the Year in Boys' Lacrosse and once in Girls' Basketball
  • Two-time VISAA State Assistant Coach of the Year
  • Recipient of Norfolk Academy's "Excellence in Coaching" Award 2010
  • Recipient of Norfolk Academy's Middle School Teacher of the Year Award, Charter Day Award, and Waitzer Master Teacher Award
  • Keynote speaker at 2009 US Lacrosse Youth Council Awards Breakfast
  • Author, The Spirit in the Stick

In the last twenty-two years, Coach Duffy’s players have earned no less than:

  • 15 Scholastic All-America/Academic All-America Awards
  • 12 Collegiate All-America Awards in Lacrosse (and several in other sports)
  • 8 National Collegiate Championships (with at least three as coaches)
  • a World Championship
  • a Junior World Championship
  • a National Collegiate Coach of the Year award
  • a National Collegiate Player of the Year award
  • Several Collegiate All-Conference and Conference Player-of-the-Year awards, and have
  • Captained no less than Eighteen Collegiate teams
  • Played in at least Three North-South College All-Star games
  • Been named Professional Lacrosse (MLL and NLL) All-Stars at least four times, while
  • 35 Players have been Four-Year (or current) Collegiate Letter Winners, and
  • Many of his players are current collegiate, high school, middle school, and youth league coaches and officials.